Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How to Choose a Lien Filing Agent

When it comes to lien filing you want a service provider that is able to file your lien on time and correctly. These should be their top priorities. You need to choose a provider you will feel comfortable with knowing they will get the job done.

Selecting a lien agent can be overwhelming – there are many different options for agents, each will provide you with a wide range of information, services and prices. So what is the difference between lien filing agents? How do you know which option is right for you? What can your agent do for you and what are you really paying for?

Consider these few questions when determining which agent is your best choice.

1.  Know the basics – How long has the lien agent been in business? Who are they and what do they do? Do they know what they are doing or are they “practicing” with your money?

2.  Does your lien agent have the knowledge and experience to get your lien filed on time and correctly? Liens can be complicated – what type of project are you working on – a house, a commercial building, a condo, a tenant, oil & gas field work? All of these situations have different rules and options when it comes to filing a lien. Does your agent know how to approach these situations or do they have the idea that all liens are the same and are easy?! Experienced lien agents know how to get your lien filed correctly, regardless of circumstance. You should feel confident in your agent’s abilities and let them worry about the technicalities of each property type, after all that’s why you are hiring them!

3.  What additional services does your agent provide to help you during the lien filing process? A quick Google search will show you that some agents are “jacks of all trades”, trying to do it all personal services, lien filing,  I.T. and who knows maybe they are also good at changing your tires.  How confident does it make you feel and are you their priority? Your lien agent should be able to assist and provide helpful information and services to guide you along the lien process. You want to feel safe knowing that you are going to be taken care of.

4.  Is your lien agent insured?  And what happens if a mistake or error is made on your lien claim? Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance (also known as Professional Liability Insurance) is critical to any serious professional services firm. In the event a mistake or error is made on your lien claim, you will be protected from potential financial loss or law suit if your lien agent has Errors & Omissions Insurance. Find an agent that will protect you and your claim.

5.  What coverage can your lien agent provide?  Do you do work throughout Canada? Make life simple and choose a lien agent that is able to assist you wherever in Canada you are working. With a nationwide lien agent you do not have to worry about finding someone that can help you for province you work in. One service provider for all your lien filing needed makes doing business hassle free.

Lien filing can be tough – you need someone you can count on to get the job done and you can trust!

At Lien-Pro we specialize in lien filing across Canada – filing liens is all we do! 

We get your lien filed on time and correctly or it’s FREE. It is our guarantee to you.