Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Don’t Miss the Boat!

It is hard to file a lien when you are past your lien deadline. It is just as hard as trying to get on your cruise once the boat has sailed away.

When it comes to lien filing, the first thing you must know is “when is my lien deadline?” When you book your cruise, you must know when the boat leaves. You need to know the exact date, and time or else you will be stuck standing at the end of the pier looking out to the ocean. If you miss your lien deadline and fail to register your lien before the expiry date, you too will be standing at the end of the pier thinking “now what?”

Just as you start packing before you leave on a trip you must also prepare before filing your lien. Find out when your boat leaves and plan backward – what do you need to pack and what do you need to do before you leave?

Lien Packing List:
1.      What is the very last day I can file my lien before I miss the boat? When does the boat leave?
You need to know:
·         Date last on site/date of last supply
·         Lien deadline
2.      What information is required to file my lien? To be prepared, what do I need to “pack”?
You need to know:
·         Project Location
·         Customer (Name and Address)
·         Amount owing
·         Description of work done

How do you determine your lien deadline? Day 1 of your lien deadline is the day after your last day of work/last day on the site or last day of supply of materials. Each province has different lien deadlines and rules to calculate them.

Remember: When counting your lien deadline you must include weekends and holidays!

To help plan your trip and ensure you do not miss the boat we have created tools to simplify and take the guesswork out of finding your lien deadline across Canada. Pick the tool that is best suited for you and your business.
Lien-Pro Tools:
-          Online lien calculator
o   A quick and easy way to find you lien deadline
o   Enter your last day of work/date of last supply into the calculator and select the province of the project/job-site
o   The calculator will provide you with your lien deadline - the very last date you must file your lien
o   Remember to make a reminder to ensure you do not forget to file your lien
o   Bookmark the lien calculator for fast reference
o   Monitor and manage all of your upcoming deadlines in one place
o   Enter your last day of work and province where the work was done into our calculator and have your lien deadline generated
o   Save your deadline to your online client account
o   Receive automated reminders before your lien deadline. Never miss the boat again!
-          Lien Cheat Sheet
o   Our cross-Canada quick reference guide gives you an overview of the lien deadlines for each province and territory. Know exactly how many days you have to file across Canada.

Let Lien-Pro help make lien filing easy and stress-free! Contact us today and find out more about how lien tracking can help you avoid missing the boat.

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